Toni Fish

 My name is Reverend Toni Fish. I am the Spiritual Leader of the Unity Church in Frederick, Maryland. I came on this trip as a student. I expected to learn. Because I knew I have very large holes in my education, especially as it related to Islam, as it related to Turkey. I have been a student all this trip. I have learnt from the Land, I have learnt who inhabit this Land. They are generous, they are warm, and they are dedicated. I have also learnt from everyone in this room. I have been so impressed by the people that God chose to put on this trip. We have a saying in Unity that nobody comes here by accident by divine appointment, and I do believe that for I have learnt from each one of you how to articulate what I am seeing, how to articulate what I believe, and how to see through different eyes. One of the blessings of this trip was to spend time with Windy, and spend time with Jena to see Islam through their eyes as women, and what that’s like for them. That’s a different paradigm. So I have seen that, and it has been a blessing to me. I wanna thank Ali, Vedat, Jena, Gulsen who is not here, and all of the wonderful people that we met who have, umm, who believe in giving, giving to receive, giving to the world. I look forward to an affiliation in some form or another with the Rumi Forum to expand and continue in my learning. I will not forget the experience in Rumi’s Tomb. It is such a beautiful place! I did brought back a song that we sing at church that I would like to share with you all, because as I think of this one I see you. I won’t, don’t now sing it, I will just tell you the words, umm, you want me to sing it:

You are the face of God,

I hold you in my heart,

you are a part of me,

you are the face of God,…

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