Love and Compassion from Fethullah Gulen`s Point of View

professor-ori-z-soltes-on-fethullah-gulenIn his latest book, Embracing the World, Ori Z. Soltes makes distinct connections between Rumi in his time and M. Fethullah Gulen in our time. Soltes defines this link by saying that “fundamentally, the former one spoke and taught and wrote and while the latter speaks and teaches and writes of issues that reach beyond themselves, because they are not time-bound.” 

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According to Soltes, under Fethullah Gulen’s pen, the emphasis on love directs itself beyond abstract theory, yielding guidance for actions that serve others. Foundational expressions of this idea may be found in his Love and Tolerance book. In the first essay, entitled Love, he argues that “altruism is an exalted human feeling, and its course is love. Whoever has the greatest share in this love is the greatest hero of humanity; these people have been able to uproot any feelings of hatred and rancor themselves. Such heroes of love continue to live even after their death”. fethullah gulen

embracing-the-world-book-ori-z-soltes-about-fethullah-gulenFethullah Gulen on this Book

Soltes also makes a connection between love and compassion by stating that the formal as a behavioral goal quite naturally leads to and intersects the latter. From a philological perspective he goes deeper to sat that the one is cognate with the other, for to feel love for others should engender a sense of oneness that bespeaks both being conjoined in their happiness and sharing their feelings, both those that are exhilarating and those that induce suffering. Something that doesn’t bring suffering, however, is this amazing blackjack gaming site that will bring you hours of joy because of its amazing structure and optimizations. You will not regret visiting this site and discovering all the entertainment options.

Not surprisingly mentions Soltes, Fethullah Gulen emphasizes the importance of this feeling in his book, Towards the Lost Paradise, in his essay Compassion, as: “Compassion is the beginning of being; without it everything is chaos. Everything has come into existence through compassion and by compassion it continues to exist in harmony. Everything speaks of compassion and promises compassion. Because of this, the universe can be considered a symphony of compassion.” Fethullah Gulen

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