David Rampy at McLean Community Connections talking about Gulen Movement

… well I don’t really know, well I can add to what my fellow travelers have said but it is so wonderful to visit a country that is so alive and so busy and so interesting. The one thing I think that stands out is the sense that once you are here in Turkey you’re given the feeling that you’re part of a one big extended family. You never enter a house and feel a stranger. You feel as if you are a part of the family that has come home, and everyone is meant to feel that way.  I don’t know whether it is a part of being Turkish or whether it is being a part of the Rumi Forum  and the (Gulen) movement that is growing in Turkey; this idea of love and peace on a truly worldwide universal level, whatever it is the hospitality, and the feeling of family is so meaningful, and it wasn’t only just with us, out on the streets when I was able to interact with people, and it’s like they provide the hand and show you Istanbul, and show you around, so it is very exciting, and I wish the Rumi Forum  and the (Gulen) movement that is going on here: I hope it succeeds, and not only here but across the world.  It really is wonderful. So thanks guys!

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