Imam Talib Sharif – Masjid Muhammad, Washington, DC

Imam Talib Sharif – Masjid Muhammad, Washington, DC

Part-2: 59:00 – 1:01:30

And that is always the base to come back to when we see someone before me, another identity that causes problems against the human identity. The human identity is the only identity that`s strong enough to support and give help to every other identity, we have to come back to that identity.

And now, so from Adam came all the wonderful, beautiful, diverse, like we see in this room, expressions of human life. And God has decreed that none of us have come in to humanity, we see people out of that humanity, we see people inhumane, until we appreciate, not tolerate, some say we tolerate, no, appreciate each of these expressions in the human family of Adam.

And from Adam we know, God tells us that we don`t have to look back and keep looking back at a historical figure. He said if we want to know our self and our identity we look at Adam. God say He creates and in the Qur`an He say He recreates, he repeats it.  So we don`t have to look back, just keep looking at the present day, God is continuously doing things but it may look a little different. What he says is, if we want to see Adam again, every child born gives us another chance to look at Adam again. You know, they come here as the same way Adam came.  They don`t come in with a identity, you may give him a name but they are not conscious of that. It may come here with a race but they are not conscious of their race. They may come from part a nation of but they are not conscious of their nationality, they are not conscious of none of that.

You see all of that comes later. They come here speaking a universal language, that`s common. They smile exactly the same, they laugh exactly the same, they love exactly the same and they are so close to God, spirit is so close to God because they came from God, from heaven we say. Babies, their spirits are so strong and all of us should know that, it`s in the Qur`an, our soul is not only in the body but also outside the body. So it`s not just contained, you feel spiritually, too.

So what babies do, if someone has something wrong with him, they may be a bad person or someone who fears them, the baby might start crying and that crying is that to tell mother that there is something wrong with this person, and mother might say he cries when he saw somebody, you know. And then there are some people who would feel the opposite, good spirited, and mother might say, he or she likes you because they feel a spirit that is so close to God.

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