Bridget Bell Webber

My name is Bridget Bell Webber, but I fear that after this trip I will be known by the name Bridgette Baklava. I know it is getting late, and will not reiterate what everyone has said. First of all, thank you for having us. The dinner was absolutely delicious as usual, which is kind of a problem because I am busting out of my clothes. Since I have been in Turkey I have learnt so much. I think the key to global tolerance and acceptance is understanding the communication between people. I think I was very ignorant of some much of Turkey and Turkish culture before I came here. I think I still am, but at least I learnt a little bit more richness and wonder that is Turkey … I am a novelist and also mother of two small children, two boys. I know one way I can participate in this quest of tolerance and of acceptance is to bring back to them what I have learnt from you. Thank you very much!

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