Kimse Yok Mu Has a New Chairwoman

The former chairman of Kimse Yok Mu, İsmail Cingöz announced on December 18 that the charity’s new head would be Ayse Ozkalay. It is the first time the organization is being headed by a woman although previously Ozkalay served as vice president of Kimse Yok Mu. Ozkalay, a mother of three children, sees Kimse Yok My as her fourth child. She believes that being a mother will have strong positive effect on her leadership of the charity.  In an interview with Today’s Zaman, she said: ““Being a mother means being ready to voluntarily face various kinds of hardships. I’m a mother before anything else. I have three children; Kimse Yok Mu has become the fourth. I believe that doing the job with maternal compassion will make extending a helping hand to those who need it different and especially meaningful.”

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