Conference on Hizmet Movement to be held in Taipei

Another conference on Hizmet Movement’s contributions to multiculturalism and peace in our old world is being held in Taiwan. The series of conferences organized by many different institutions shed light on the universality of Fethullah Gulen’s ideas and how he was fed by the share intellectual heritage of humanity.

The Taiwan conference will discuss Gulen in conjunction with Confucian thinking on non-violent activism. Intellectuals from around the globe will be presenting papers on different aspects of the Hizmet Movement, including its structure and funding strategies.

An international conference on the Hizmet Movement, a civic movement inspired by the Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gulen, will be held in Taipei to promote its teachings and practices in Taiwan, organizers said Thursday. The conference, held under the banner “Hizmet Movement and the Thought and Teachings of Fethullah Gulen: Contributions to Multiculturalism and Global Peace,” is slated to take place Dec. 8-9 at National Taiwan University’s College of Social Sciences.

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