Fethullah Gulen condemns those who attacked Meral Aksener

fethullah-gulen-75Prominent Islamic ScholarFethullah Gulenmade a statement condemning those who attacked Meral Aksener, former Minister of the Interior and is currently a vice-speaker of the parliament.Fethullah Gulenquoted a couplet from Sadi : “If a pebble touches to a golden pouch, neither the pebble gains more value nor the worth of the pouch is cheapened”

“It is obvious that Meral Akşener is a woman with high moral standards and she has served her country based on patriotism, virtue, purity and the feeling of responsibility. But some selfish, ego-centric and self-interested people may resort to methods of smearing those whom they consider an opponent and adversary through defamation and lies,” Fethullah Gülen said in the statement, expressing sorrow over what Meral Akşener is facing.

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