Fethullah Gulen Withdraws Complaint After insulters Apologize

fethullah-gulen-apologyAlemdar used some swear words​ and insulted Mr. Gulen with treason on Twitter and has been on trial for libel and facing two years, seven months in prison.

In the second court hearing, she told the court that she had been swayed by the offensive language of the government against Gülen and had used words that she cannot even recall now. “I apologize for the words I used,” she added.

Gulen’s lawyer withdrew his complaint upon this apology with the following statement:

“​In a state of law, every crime needs to be punished. Yet, my client Mr. Fethullah Gulen, requests his lawyers to withdraw their libel complaints, in the cases of confession, regression and its clear expression without any condition by the insulter”

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