Erdogan Frames Fake Gulen Compound

Erdogan-angry-Source-ReutersThere is a famous saying in Turkish “Sun cannot be covered by mud”. However, Erdogan insists to do so. One of his latest accusations against the Hizmet Movement (aka Gulen Movement) is the retreat area where Mr. Gulen lives in. “They gave him 100,000-120,000 acres of land, and look at his dynasty,” Erdogan declared at a rally in Samsun. This claim definitely is a black lie, a mud, that can very easily be disproved. However, just like other defamation attempts by Erdogan against the movement, he just want to set the agenda for the public and his media keeps the gates to not let the accurate information stream through their channels. It was Erdogan’s son-in-law’s the Daily Sabah, who first published these lies anyway.

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