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Journalists and Writers Foundation bridging Eastern, Western worlds

Abant PlatformTurkey’s political and strategic importance as a regional power is increasing by the day. One very important aspect of this new found role is to bridge the cultural gap between the east and the west. This gap has caused misunderstandings, misrepresentations, conflicts and even wars in the region. It is obvious that no enterprise can succeed in the Middle East without addressing cultural differences. The Gulen Movement’s dialogue initiative aimed at bringing people with various backgrounds together to “talk without pre judgments or convictions.” This dialogue does not mean convincing, changing or converting. Fethullah Gulen asked people to come to table with their own identities and ideas, only to share them with others.

Alyson Neel draws attention to a very important role played by a Gulen Movement organization, The Journalists and Writers Foundation, in bridging the ever-growing gap between two worlds in her Today’s Zaman article.

Nestled behind a grove of trees in Altunizade sits the Journalists and Writers Foundation (GYV), which works to span the Eastern and Western worlds much like the Bosporus Bridge.

“Turkey is in the unique geographical position of being located between the Eastern and the Western worlds,” said GYV President Mustafa Yeşil, adding: “It literally is a bridge between the cultures and religions of the East and the West. We [GYV] have played a major part in building and maintaining that bridge.”

The GYV strives to defeat three global injustices — poverty, ignorance and conflict — through aid, education and dialogue.

Read more at Today’s Zaman

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